About me

Hello and welcome to How to Be a Red Nerd! Thanks for visiting the “About me” page!

I’m Eleonora 20something from Rome, Italy. I’ve spent a wonderful almost-a-year of my life in Osaka, after my Graduation in Oriental Studies & Japanese language. My passions for video games, technology and the digital world in general are now combined in a full-time job in a gamedev studio.
I live with the best fiancèe in the world and our lovely tabby cat: Baron Von Waffle, aka Frittella.
Since I express all my love for marketing and PR at work, in this blog I would like focusing on all the passions I have, which are like…tons, but I don’t have a lot of time! This blog would be hopefully a place where can I share about them and encourage myself to not giving up.

What about me? 

I’m a pink & red lover, I love everything is girly and cute even if right now I’m also moving toward to a more mature, minimal and “grown up” style (and that really scares me). Also, I’m a tomboy with a (dyed)redhead temper and I tend to be flammable when I got angry (which happens less more than everyone think).
Red, long hair are my trademark and since I was called Red Fury from a journo once, the nickname stuck and I love it.
I like vintage toys, I have a Monster High dolls collection, I’m a Disney enthusiast, a Beauty & Beast obsessed, Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite game and I’m still into Dragon Ball.
I used to express myself trough alternative fashion and such but since I got a lot of weight I’m into a “stasis” phase, waiting for being back on track with a healthier figure. I never was into makeup until last year when my BFF bought me a NARS concealer and created a monster. I do cosplay time to time but I don’t really have time since I started my full-time job. I love every kind of art, singing and playing musical. My dream job was to be a theater actress. I strongly believe in equality for both sex, I’m PRO-choice, I think a woman is a woman with or without kids, I hate stereotypes on both men and women, I support LGBT+ rights, I stand up for everything is against respect and acceptation of the others, I try to be open-minded and avoid stereotypes at all the costs. It’s difficult but I try every day. I care about the environment and I want to do more about it on my own.
I’m agnostic, and not in the “agnostic is the lazy man’s atheist” way, I used to be really into Catholic religion until my teenage years but growing up I realized that simply I don’t believe and the Catholic religion is against everything I support. Same-sex love. The possibility to end your life if you’re not living it as you wish.
I have my own spirituality, I respect all the people who believe in some kind of god (if they respect others choices) but I do trust science and facts more than anything.
I believe that little steps can lead to great achievements.

You can usually find me:

  • In front of my PC, sitting in the office giving the back to the best technical designer ever (who happens to be my BF and yes we work/live/stay together and no, that’s everything but boring.)
  • Petting Frittella
  • On my sofa playing video games or Netflix & chill
  • Going on business trips while I’m freaking out for my fear of flying
  • Cooking oriental stuff while making a mess in the kitchen
  • Laughing loudly doing awesome jokes
  • Wandering around Rome exploring new places (usually food is implied)
  • Japan-related events ( time to time I help my friend Marta with the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Rome )
  • Writing (mostly fanfiction)

Why am I writing in English?

For many reasons actually. First of all English is the language that I use every day for working (being in an international team is so inspiring and enriching) and I thought this blog would be a nice chance to practice and improve every day. Also, time to time I’ll write posts in Italian for very specific posts. Also, I would love to share with you the amazing, breath-taking beauty of my hometown, Rome, and writing tips about fancy and funny places here and Italy in general for all the foreigners’ readers that maybe would find those reviews helpful.


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